EHI-EuroHandelsinstitut e.V.

The EHI-EuroHandelsinstitut e. V. is a research and education institute for commerce and its partners. The EHI network is made up of approximately 500 members throughout Europe. At EHI, research means: close cooperation with companies in the field. 600 experts from the industries of commerce, consumer goods and investment assets contribute their knowledge to the research in regular workgroup meetings. The results of the coordination work performed in the workgroups lead to agreements and guidelines for entire sectors. 


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The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft engages in user-oriented research with immediate benefits for companies and advantages for society as a whole. Its contract partners and customers are industrial and service companies as well as public institutions.


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Software Technologie Initiative e.V.

The speed of innovation today and the rapid changes in economic conditions place high demands on the management of IT companies, particularly in the Westphalia region, which is characterised by small and medium-sized enterprises. Any company wishing to succeed in heavy competition is well advised to continuously improve its own development processes and products as well as the qualifications of its employees. This is where the Software Technologie Initiative e. V. provides assistance. It offers all members the opportunity to learn about new developments, trends and backgrounds in the area of software engineering on a continuous basis and from a single, direct source. 


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Club for Modern Marketing Methods - MMM

The MMM-Club is a registered association located in Munich. It was founded in 1962. The need for intensive exchange of experiences and the desire for a common forum for discussion of market-oriented company management were the motivations for founding of the association.


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The software competence network offers software engineers quick and simple assistance in deciding how to apply the methods of software engineering. The network is directed primarily at software development companies in Germany. The primary offering is a network of expert knowledge that is made systematically available within an Internet portal.


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The primary goal of the association is maintaining contacts after completion of university studies, among the alumni as well as with the university and our students and employees. Our alumni association helps to continue or re-establish contacts even with fellow students now living far away. It provides assistance in entering the workforce and promoting careers, which is extremely useful even despite the low supply of software engineers.


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